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Bambumatta Djungel, Gorilla

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Gorilla Rug har ett gorillamotiv skapat för hand. Den är hållbart tillverkad av bambufiber, med en baksida gjord av återvunnen bomull fäst med ett lager av naturlig latex. Den har en handtuftad konstruktion och avslutas med en ton-i-ton-bindning längs kanten.


Size Guide

- 60 x 90 cm: A great size for small spaces such as a bathroom, entryway, or even a small bedroom. It's also a great choice as a doormat.

- 65 x 135 cm: This size works everywhere. It is suitable for use in a kitchen, small bedroom or as an accent rug in a larger space. It could also add warmth and color to a hallway or entryway.

- 75 x 200 cm: The bestselling size. Perfect for use in a small living room, kitchen or bedroom.

- 75 x 300 cm: Perfect for a hall, your entryway, a large living room or bedroom.

- 140 x 200 cm: A good size for a medium to large living room or bedroom. Especially in an apartment.

- 170 x 240 cm: This size rug is ideal for a living room or bedroom.

- 200 x 300 cm: Great under a medium dining table (4 persons), or for use in a large living room or bedroom.

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Materials: Front: 100% bamboo, Back: 100% recycled cotton

Country of origin: India

Thickness: Approx. 16 mm

Weight: Approx. 4800 g/m²


Daily cleaning can easily be done by vacuuming or beating the rug outside. When vacuuming it is important to follow the natural direction of the fibers, as this increases the life of the rug. In the start, the bamboo rug may "fluff" a little. This is completely normal and will stop once it has been vacuum-cleaned a few times. If the rug is stained we recommend professional cleaning.

Vi rekommenderar att du använder en mattdyna som vår ekologiska Anti-Slip™ matta.

Mattan kommer att ändra färg med tiden om den placeras i solljus.